Historic Sites of the U.S.-Mexican War

Historic Sites of the U.S.-Mexican War




New Mexico



In 1993, with funding provided by the Summerlee Foundation of Dallas, The Descendants of Mexican War Veterans began a formal survey of historic sites of the U.S.-Mexican War. Literary research, for the purpose of preparing an historical narrative for each site, was also conducted. The initial survey was carried out between September 1, 1993 and February 28, 1994.

Unlike a Mexican War battlefield survey presently being conducted by the U.S. National Park Service, the DMWV survey list includes encampments, supply depots, and forts - as well as battlefields.

It was intended from the start that the results of the survey would be published for the further purpose of raising funds with which to preserve, protect and/or enhance the sites being studied. To date, one volume, Historic Sites of the Mexican War in the United States, Part One: Texas, has been published. Profits from sales of this book helped to pay for the Old Fort Brown Memorial Flagpole, erected in April 1996.

Drawing from its general fund and donations by members, the DMWV has also paid, or partly paid, for historical markers to be erected at the following sites:
  • Original Fort Brown (Oct. 1995)
  • Camp Belknap, on the Rio Grande (Aug. 1996)
  • Brazos Island Military Depot (Spring 1997)
Volumes planned for future publication, in connection with this project, are:
  • Historic Sites of the Mexican War in the United States, Part Two: Colorado, New Mexico, and California
  • Historic Sites of the Mexican War in Mexico

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