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Printed Rosters

At present, there is no one all-encompassing roster of ALL Mexican War soldiers, printed, microfilmed or in any other form.

The following is a list of printed rosters of Mexican War veteran records which may be found in your local public, university or genealogical library (you will have to check with the one nearest you). Some of the more recent publications may still be in print and may be purchased by mail from the author, the publisher, or from a genealogical book store.

Regular and Volunteer Officers
  • Heitman, Francis Bernard. Historical register and dictionary of the United States Army, from its organization, September 29, 1789, to March 2, 1903 (Washington: U.S. Govt. Printing Office, 1903).

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Volunteer Officers and Enlisted Men
  • Steven R. Butler. Alabama Volunteers in the Mexican War: A History and Annotated Roster (Richardson, Texas: Descendants of Mexican War Veterans, 1996).INDEXED.
  • Allen, Desmond Walls. Arkansas' Mexican War Soldiers (Conway, Arkansas: Desmond Walls Allen, 1988).INDEXED.
  • Rogers, Fred B. "Rosters of California Volunteers in the Service of the United States, 1846-1847," Society of California Pioneers publication, Vol.?, No.?, 1950, pp.17-25. NOT INDEXED.
  • Davis, T. Frederick. "Florida's Part in the War with Mexico," The Florida Historical Quarterly, Vol.XX, No.3, Jan.1942,pp.235-259.NOT INDEXED.
  • Marchetta, Beverly. "Florida's Part in the Mexican War," a paper submitted to the History Dept. of Florida State University..., May 1962, pp.62-73.NOT INDEXED.
  • James, Russell D., "Florida Volunteers in the Mexican War 1846-1848," M.A. Thesis, University of West Florida, 2002.
  • James, Russell D., Too Late for Blood: Florida Volunteers in the Mexican War, (Milton, FL: Cantadora Press, 2002).
  • White, Rev. George. Historical Collections of Georgia (New York: Pudney ∓ Russell, Publishers, 1854), pp.115-120. First Regiment of Georgia Volunteers Only. NOT INDEXED.
  • Illinois Adjutant General's Office. Record of Service of Illinois Soldiers in the Black Hawk War, 1831-1832 and in the Mexican War, 1846-1848 (Springfield, Illinois: 1887).NOT INDEXED.
  • Indiana Adjutant General's Office. Indiana in the Mexican War (Indianapolis: Wm. B. Burford, 1908).NOT INDEXED
  • Tyler, Sgt. Daniel. A Concise History of the Mormon Battalion in the Mexican War 1846-1848 (Salt Lake City: 1881).NOT INDEXED.
  • Kentucky Adjutant General. Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Kentucky: Mexican War Veterans (Frankfort, Kentucky: Capitol Office, John D. Woods, Public Printer and Binder, 1889).NOT INDEXED.
  • Wells, Charles G. Maryland and District of Columbia Volunteers in the Mexican War (Westminster, Maryland: Family Line Publications, 1991). INDEXED.
  • Mississippi Department of Archives and History. Roster of Mississippi Men Who Served in the War of 1812 and the Mexican War. ALPHABETICAL ROSTER.
  • Hughes, John Taylor. Doniphan's Expedition (Cincinnati: U. P. James, 1847). First Regiment of Missouri Mounted Volunteers Only. NOT INDEXED.
  • Adjutant General of North Carolina. Roster of North Carolina Troops in the War with Mexico (Raleigh?: 1887). INDEXED.
  • Ohio Adjutant General? Official Roster of the Soldiers of the State of Ohio in the War with Mexico, 1846-1848. NOT INDEXED.
  • State of Pennsylvania? Pennsylvania Archives, 6th Series; Vol. 10, pp.249-458. ALPHABETICAL ROSTER.
  • Meyer, Jack Allen. An Annotated Roster of the Palmetto Regiment of South Carolina in the Mexican War 1846-1848 (Winnsboro, S.C.: Greenbrier Press, 1994). ALPHABETICAL ROSTER.
  • Spurlin, Charles D. Texas Veterans in the Mexican War: Muster Rolls of Texas Military Units (Victoria, Texas: Charles D. Spurlin, 1984). INDEXED.
  • Johnson II, William Page. The Virginia Volunteers in the War with Mexico (Westminster, MD: Willow Bend Books, 2002). INDEXED.

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Books Listing Casualties
  • Peterson, Clarence Stewart. Known Military Dead During Mexican War 1846-1848 (Baltimore: Clarence S. Peterson, 1957). ALPHABETICAL ROSTER.

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Pension Indexes
  • White, Virgil (transcriber). Index to Old Wars Pension Files 1815-1926 (Waynesboro, Tennessee: National Historical Publishing Company, 1987).
  • Wolfe, Barbara (transcriber). Index to Mexican War Pension Applications (Indianapolis: Heritage House, 1985).

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