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Historic Sites of the U.S.-Mexican War

Landmark Inn State Historic Site, Castroville, Texas

In August 1846, a large expeditionary force consisting mostly of volunteer regiments and led by General John E. Wool, left San Antonio, Texas bound for Northern Mexico. Marching west, the soldiers first reached the town of Castroville, where they camped alongside the Medina River, before continuing their journey. The Landmark Inn stands near the ford where the troops crossed and it was probably in this vicinty that the troops erected their tents.

Sam Chamberlain, a Mexican War soldier who is best known for his post-war memoirs and colorful illustrations, allegedly had a love affair with one of the ladies of Castroville.

The inn itself was constructed in 1849 and for many years was a well-known landmark on the road from San Antonio to El Paso (hence the name "Landmark Inn"). Although is now a state historic park, the inn is still open for business as a bed and breakfast hotel.

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