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Not surprisingly, the U.S.-Mexican War inspired a number of works of art. Some of these were engravings that appeared as illustrations for books about the war. Others were sold separately, as prints or paintings that people could buy and frame. Some, like Sam Chamberlain's primitive but wonderfully colorful watercolor paintings that he used to illustrate his memoirs, "My Confession: Recollections of a Rogue," were probably never intended to be seen by the general public.

On this page you will find links to pages highlighting three separate collections of U.S.-Mexican War art. Each includes "thumbnail" views of each painting, print, or engraving. You may click on each "thumbnail" to view a larger version. Be forewarned: Because of their size, the large-size versions may take a while to load. We think you'll agree, however, that the wait (only a few seconds, really) will be worth it.

You have three collections from which to choose:

DMWV Collection Prints and Illustrations
(18 images)
A variety of prints and book illustrations from the library of the Descendants of Mexican War Veterans and the private collection of one its members.
Nebel's Battle Prints Carl Nebel's Battle Prints
(12 images)
Courtesy, University of Texas at Arlington Special Collections Library.
Sam Chamberlain's Watercolors Sam Chamberlain's Watercolors
(15 images)
Courtesy TIME-LIFE and the Summerlee Foundation.

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