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U.S.-Mexican War Monuments & Memorials

Kentucky's Mexican War monument

Unlike other conflicts in which the United States has been involved, the war with Mexico has produced relatively few monuments or memorials. There is no national monument in Washington, D.C. This may be due in part to the misguided view, first advocated by Whig politicians opposed to President Polk and perpetuated by certain well-meaning but misguided or ill-informed historians, that the war was a dishonorable episode in our nation's history. Only a modest marble shaft, marking the mass grave of 750 U.S. soldiers buried in the Mexico City National Cemetery, has been erected by the federal government. The remaining few memorials have been erected by states (such as the Kentucky monument, left.), counties, or lineage societies.

The above list does not purport to be all-inclusive. If you know of a monument or memorial that you think ought to be included, please contact us.


If you know of a Mexican War monument or memorial that honors a particular veteran or group of veterans (U.S. or Mexican), please send details, along with a color photograph if possible, to:

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