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This battle is divided into two parts, this is PART TWO.
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Second Dragoons
1. Pvt. Jacobus, Co. A.
2. Pvt. Ullenbrook, Co. B.
3. Pvt. Brown, Co. B.
4. Pvt. Lane, Co. C.
5. Pvt. Tansen or Yansen, Co. F
6. Pvt. Lansing or Lassing, Co. I

1. Second Lt. Arthur D. Tree, Regimental Staff, Regimental Quartermaster, severely.
2. Pvt. Klaws, Co. A, severely.
3. Pvt. Fink or Zink, Co. A, severely or dangerously.
4. Pvt. Russell, Co. A, severely.
5. Pvt. Sweeney, Co. A, slightly.
6. Pvt. Boling, Co. A, slightly.
7. Pvt. Kerr, Co. B, slightly.
8. Pvt. Usher, Co. B, severely, dangerously.
9. Pvt. Waller or Walters, Co. B, severely.
10. Pvt. Thomas McMurphy or Murphy, Co. C, severely.
11. Pvt. Zalikiwick or Zulikirreich, Co. C, severely.
12. Pvt. Porthouse, Co. C, slightly.
13. Pvt. White, Co. C, slightly.
14. Pvt. Fielding, Co. F, severely.
15. Pvt. Kohle or Kohl, Co. F, severely.
16. Pvt. Mundel or Mundig, Co. F, severely.
17. Pvt. Westerdelof or Westerdelot, Co. F, severely.
18. Pvt. Freeman, Co. F, slightly.
19. Second Lt. William D. Smith, Co. I, severely.
20. Pvt. Drawn or Grawn, bugler, Co. I, slightly.
21. Pvt. Wyatt or Wyatte, Co. I, slightly.
22. Capt. Croghan Ker or Kerr, Co. K, severely.
23. Pvt. Flitshe or Fritshe, Co. K, slightly.
24. Pvt. Gardner, Co. K, slightly.

Third Dragoons
1. Second Lt. J. C. D. Williams, Co. K, severely, right arm.

Mounted Rifles
1. Sgt. McGuire, Co. C, slightly.
2. Cpl. Slade, Co. C, slightly.
3. Sgt. Young, Co. F, slightly.
4. First Lt. John G. Walker, Co. I, severely.
5. Sgt. Murphy, Co. I, slightly.
6. Sgt. Brooks, Co. I, slightly.
7. Cpl. Buxton, Co. I, dangerously.
8. Cpl. Buckley, Co. I, slightly.
9. Pvt. Hamilton, Co. I, slightly.
10. Pvt. Harris, Co. I, slightly.
11. Pvt. Cottrell, Co. I, slightly.
12. Pvt. Carter, Co. I, slightly.
13. Pvt. Paul, Co. I, slightly.

4th Artillery
1. Pvt. John Gracie, Co. G.
2. Pvt. Samuel Grove Co. G.

1. Sgt. Jacob Price, severely.
2. Pvt. Richards Boon or Boone, slightly.
3. Pvt. J. or S. M. Quick or Quirck, slightly.

Cadwalader’s Brigade

11th Infantry
1. Lt. Col. William M. Graham
2. Pvt. John Segler or Sigler, Co. B.
3. Sgt. George Johnson, Co. E.
4. Cpl. Charles Fenner, Co. E.
5. Pvt. John Buchanan, Co. E.
6. Cpl. John McMahon, Co. F.
7. Pvt. John Manning, Co. F.
8. Pvt. James Simpson, Co. F.
9. First Lt. R. H. L. Johnson or Johnston, Co. H.
10. Pvt. Daniel Kippy, Co. H.

1. Lt. & Adjutant Daniel P. or S. Lee
2. Capt. William H. Irwin, Co. D, severely.
3. *Pvt. John Hayes or Hughes, Co. D, severely, mortally.
4. Pvt. Uriah Kitchen, Co. D, severely.
5. Pvt. Isaac Mahon, Co. D, severely.
6. Pvt. James Height or Hight, Co. D, slightly.
7. Pvt. McCluny Radcliff or Moclunyradciff, Co. D, severely.
8. Pvt. James Bager or Rager, Co. D, slightly.
9. Sgt. John P. Weldon, Co. E, severely.
10. Sgt. Freeze, Co. E, slightly.
11. Cpl. Charles Barturkey, Co. E, severely.
12. Cpl. Michael Freeney, Co. E, severely.
13. Pvt. Foster R. Carson, Co. F, severely.
14. Pvt. James Dilks, Co. F, severely.
15. Pvt. William S. Sashall or Sathal, Co. F, severely.
16. Pvt. Robert D. Brown, Co. F, severely.
17. Pvt. Schmidt, Co. F, slightly.
18. Capt. Presley M. or N. Guthrie, Co. H, severely.
19. Sgt. J. C. or G. Handy or Hanpy, Co. H, slightly.
20. Sgt. Lenox Lea or Rey, Co. H, severely.
21. Pvt. William Dolman or Dorman, Co. H, severely.
22. Pvt. Jesse Flowers, Co. H, severely.
23. Pvt. William R. Call, Co. H, severely.
24. Pvt. James Nesbitt, Co. H, slightly.
25. Pvt. Isaac Pierce, Co. H, slightly.
26. Cpl. Robert Raasch, Co. I, severely.
27. Pvt. Herman Bickerstine or Bickenstrue, Co. I, severely.
28. Pvt. Fred Babe, Co. I, severely.
29. Pvt. Albert McGill, Co. I, severely.
30. *Pvt. John Romering, Ronering, or Rovering, Co. I, mortally.
31. Pvt. Benjamin Dickel or Dickie, Co. I, slightly.
32. Pvt. Simon Pickett or Ricketts, Co. I, slightly.

1. Pvt. David Ayres, Co. B.

14th Infantry
1. Cpl. Henry W. Erwin, Co. E.

1. Maj. John H. Savage, severely.
2. Cpl. Munroe Fleming or Fliming, Co. A, slightly.
3. Pvt. James M. Cox, Co. A, slightly.
4. Pvt. Thomas Pierson, Co. A, slightly.
5. Pvt. Christian Papst, Co. A, severely.
6. Pvt. Robert Brenton, Co. B, slightly.
7. Cpl. Lewis Warren, Co. E, dangerously.
8. Pvt. Jackson W. Lowry, Co. E, slightly.
9. Pvt. Fielding Young, Co. E, severely.
10. Capt. Thomas Glenn, Co. F, slightly.
11. First Lt. or Pvt. Thomas Shields, Co. F, dangerously.
12. First Lt. or Pvt. Samuel B. Davis, Co. F, dangerously.
13. Pvt. Kaylams or Cayrans Lynch, Co. F, slightly.
14. Pvt. A. Sawyer, Co. F, severely.
15. Second Lt. James C. C. Hays, Co. H, slightly.
16. Pvt. David Hall, Co. H, slightly.
17. Pvt. Louis H. Mallerby or Mallerhy, Co. H, slightly.
18. Pvt. James Gillespie, Co. I, severely.
19. Pvt. James R. Attstin or Austin, Co. K, slightly.
20. Pvt. Thomas H. Hayter, Co. K, slightly.
21. Pvt. Henry Dannigan or Dunnigan, Co. K, slightly.
22. Pvt. Hardy Johnson or Johnston, Co. K, slightly.
23. Pvt. William Farrell, Co. ?, slightly.

1. Major George H. or W. Talcott, slightly.
2. Sgt. W. B. Vertrees or Vertrus, Co. A, severely.
3. Sgt. C. D. Weymouth, Co. A, severely.
4. Cpl. W. S. McCorrell or McCorkill, Co. A, slightly.
5. Pvt. T. Davis, Co. A, severely.
6. Pvt. D. Gregbeer or Graybeer, Co. A, severely.
7. Pvt. J. Howell, Co. A, severely.
8. Pvt. J. Pugh, Co. A, severely.
9. Pvt. J. Bunger, Co. A, severely.
10. Pvt. A. R. Shacklett or Shasklett, Co. A, severely.
11. Pvt. J. Porter or Potter, Co. A, severely.
12. Pvt. R. Simpson, Co. A, severely.
13. Pvt. A. Wamsall or Wamsull, Co. A, severely.
14. Pvt. A. Adamson, Co. A, slightly.
15. Pvt. J. Brown, Co. A, severely.
16. Pvt. J. Hall, Co. A, slightly.
17. Pvt. G. W. Seaton, Co. A, slightly.
18. Pvt. J. Metcalf, Co. A, slightly.
19. Pvt. J. Thompson, Co. A, slightly.
20. Sgt. F. or G. W. Jennings, severely.
21. Sgt. J. C. Malbon, Co. B, slightly.
22. Cpl. E. D. Denson, Co. B, slightly.
23. Pvt. M. Conway, Co. B.
24. Pvt. W. Collins, Co. B.
25. Pvt. T. Farish  Firish, or Furish, Co. B, slightly.
26. Pvt. S. A. Evans, Co. B.
27. Pvt. A. Funday, Funlay or Fundy, Co. B, slightly.
28. Pvt. J. L. Knott, Co. B.
29. Pvt. H. L. Olandarf, Co. B.
30. Pvt. J. or T. Pugh, Co. B, slightly.
31. Sgt. B. or R. Harding, Co. C, slightly.
32. Pvt. T. Clark, Co. C.
33. Pvt. H. Kilgrove, Co. C.
34. Pvt. R. Sylvester, Co. C.
35. Pvt. H. A. Ward, Co. C.
36. Pvt. H. Wells, Co. C.
37. Second Lt. Washington Terrett, Co. E, slightly.
38. Sgt. W. J. Herbert, Co. E, slightly.
39. Cpl. B. Ogle, Co. E, slightly.
40. Pvt. J. Beam, Co. E, severely.
41. Pvt. G. W. Bengeant, Co. E, severely.
42. Pvt. M. J. Good, Co. E, severely.
43. Pvt. J. Rominsky, Co. E, severely.
44. Pvt. J. L. Silverhorn, Co. E, severely.
45. Pvt. W. Allison, Co. E.
46. Pvt. D. Deraughn, Co. E.
47. Pvt. J. Donly, Co. E.
48. Pvt. M. Benton, Co. E.
49. Pvt. T. Evans, Co. E.
50. Pvt. J. L. Hisse, Co. E.
51. Pvt. J. Mahony, Co. E.
52. Pvt. H. Kidwell, Co. E.
53. Pvt. A. W. Milright, Co. E.
54. Pvt. J. McCaslin, Co. E.
55. Pvt. L. C. Parish, Co. E.
56. Pvt. John Sloan, Co. E.
57. Pvt. J. J. Nickerson, Co. E.
58. Pvt. J. Spencer, Co. E.
59. Second Lt. Gustavus S. Kintzing or Kitzing, Co. F, slightly.
60. Pvt. J. Cromley, Co. F, severely.
61. Pvt. E. Davis, Co. F, severely.
62. Pvt. S. Field, Co. F, severely.
63. Pvt. T. Higginson, Co. F, severely.
64. Pvt. F. W. Franklin, Co. F.
65. Pvt. A. Idler, Co. F.
66. Pvt. H. Keenan, Co. F.
67. Pvt. G. Kriner, Co. F.
68. Pvt. R. Lemon, Co. F.
69. Pvt. J. Massey, Co. F.
70. Pvt. W. S. Mendenhall, Co. F.
71. Pvt. P. Morrel, Co. F.
72. Pvt. B. McCabe, Co. F.
73. Pvt. J. W. Perry, Co. F.
74. Pvt. J. Picken, Co. F.
75. Pvt. J. Pierce, Co. F.
76. Pvt. B. J. Ross, Co. F.
77. Sgt. R. H. Turner, Co. G, slightly.
78. Sgt. C. R. Edwards, Co.G, slightly.
79. Cpl. Joseph H. or W. Walker, Co. G, slightly.
80. Pvt. C. Eckhart, Co. G.
81. Pvt. W. Jackson, Co. G.
82. Pvt. J. Kolk, Co. G.
83. Pvt. C. E. Morton, Co. G.
84. Pvt. G. Spencer, Co. G.
85. Pvt. G. Beckenschitz, Co. G, severely.
86. Pvt. F. Korse, Co. G, severely.
87. Pvt. J. Rutter, Co. G, severely.
88. Second Lt. William J. Martin, Co. H, slightly.
89. Sgt. D. S. Elliott, Co. H, slightly.
90. Pvt. J. F. Dentlinger, Co. H, severely.
91. Pvt. G. W. Jones, Co. H, severely.
92. Pvt. J. A. Yates, Co. H, severely.
93. Pvt. W. Groones, Co. H.
94. Pvt. J. Sigmac, Co. H.
95. Second Lt. Robert Swan or Swann, Co. I, slightly.
96. Sgt. J. F. or R. Gardiner, Co. I, slightly.
97. Pvt. W. Baldhurst, Co. I, slightly.
98. Pvt. W. H. Fitzhue, Co. I.
99. Pvt. H. White, Co. I, slightly.

1. Pvt. H. A. Wood, Co. C.
2. Pvt. S. Vandegriff or Vandergriff, Co. F.
3. Pvt. J. L. Hass, Co. H
4. *Pvt. Robert McKee, since discovered to have been blown up at Casa del Mata.
5. *Pvt. Joseph Scott, since discovered to have been blown up at Casa del Mata.
6. *Artificer Israel Barton, killed.
7. Pvt. John Jacob Divine
8. Sgt. John Coble or Coyle
9. Pvt. John Gillespie
10. Pvt. Thomas Hardy
11. Pvt. William Reynolds
12. Pvt. James Smith
13. Pvt. Conrad Young
14. Pvt. Henry Muller or Muiller
15. Pvt. Jackson Adams
16. Pvt. James Leary
17. Pvt. Joseph G. Smith
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