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Lawrenceburg, Tennessee Mexican War Monument

Mexican War Monument, Lawrenceburg, Tennessee
Photo courtesy Steven Butler.

Detail of Lawrenceburg monument showing names of men who died of disease.
Photo courtesy Steven Butler.

The names of 11 soldiers who died of disease (see photo immediately above) and two veterans (Lt. G. H. Nixon and Pvt. Lemuel B. Askew) who died after the war are also engraved on the monument.

Located on the courthouse square in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee.

This monument honors soldiers of Lawrence County, Tennessee who died in the War with Mexico. One side reads:

Let posterity remember that the VALOR of the citizen-soldier scaled the Rocky Mountains, planted our eagles on the shores of the Pacific, doubled our country's area, and opened a new path to the commerce of Asia.

Erected by L. W. Kirby, 1849.
Rebuilt by Jas. E. Sloan & Co.
under resoluton of the Gen.
Assent of Tenn., A.D. 1895.

On another side are listed soldiers from Lawrenceburg who served in the First Regiment of Tennessee Volunteers and who fell at the Battle of Monterey in Sept. 1846. The names are on the monument in the following order:

Capt. W. H. Allen
[Pvt.] J. B. Burkitt [Co. K]
[Cpl.] W. M. Alford [Co. K]
[Pvt.] Finlay Glover [Co. K]
[Pvt.] Wm. Rhodes [Co. K]
[Pvt.] A. J. Pratt [Co. K]
[Pvt.] A. J. Gibson [Co. K]
[Pvt.] A. J. Eaton [Co. K]
[2d Lt.] S. M. Putnam
[Pvt.] John W. Sanders [Co. K]
[Sgt.] John A. Hill [Co. D]
[Pvt.] J. B. Porter [Co. C]
[Pvt.] E. W. Thomas [Co. E]
[Pvt.] B. F. Coffee [Co. D]
[Pvt.] R. D. Willis [Co. I]
[Pvt.] Jas. B. Turner [Co. I]
[Pvt.] B. H. Dolton [Co. F]
[Pvt.] Jas. H. Johnson [Co. I]
[Pvt.] P. H. Martin [Co. G]
[Pvt.] I. Gurman Elliot [Co. G]
[Pvt.] Benj. Soaper [Co. G]
[Pvt.] Edward Prior [Co. G]
[Pvt.] Jas. H. Allison [Co. I]
[Pvt.] Henry Collins [Co. H]
[Pvt.] Wm. H. Robinson [Co. C]
[Pvt.] J. M. L. Campbell [Co. K]


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