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This battle is divided into two parts, this is PART TWO.
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Field and Staff
1. Col. John J. Hardin
2. Musician Austin W. Fay

Captain Smith's Co. B
1. Pvt. Francis D. Carter

1. Cpl. Patrick Meehan, badly.
2. Pvt. Michael Fenton, badly.
3. Pvt. James A. Edson, slightly.
4. Pvt. Francis Quinn, slightly.
5. Pvt. Potter Clemens, slightly.

Captain Fry's Co. C
1. Musician Merritt Hudson

1. Pvt. James Robins, slightly.

Capt. Zabriskie's Co. D
1. Capt. Jacob W. Zabriskie
2. Pvt. Augustus Canaught
3. Pvt. John Emerson

1. Sgt. John C. Barr, badly.
2. Pvt. Albert Kershaw, badly.

Capt. Robertson's Co. E
1. Pvt. Silas Bedell
2. Pvt. Henry W. Clark or Clarke
3. Pvt. Wm. Goodwin
4. Pvt. James J. Kinman
5. Pvt. Randolph R. Martin
6. Pvt. Greenbury S. Richardson
7. Pvt. Samuel W. Thompson
8. Pvt. Charles Walker

1. Pvt. Watson R. Richardson, badly.
2. *Pvt. William Stephens or Stevenson, badly, died March 25, 1847.

Company F
1. 2d Lt. Hezekiah Evans, slightly.
2. Pvt. Job Brown, slightly.

Capt. Montgomery's Co. H
1. 1st Lt. Bryan R. Houghton
2. Musician William Smith
3. Pvt. Matthew Dawdy
4. Pvt. Thomas J. Gilbert
5. Pvt. Elisha or Elias C. Mays
6. Pvt. John White

1. Pvt. Jackson Evans, slightly.
2. Pvt. William Roe, slightly.
3. Pvt. Daniel Penser, badly.

Capt. Mower's Co. K
1. Pvt. Conrad Burch
2. Pvt. John B. Backman or Bachman
3. Pvt. Inglehot Claibsottle
4. Pvt. John Gable
5. Pvt. Aaron Kiersted
6. Pvt. George Pitson
7. Pvt. Joseph Shute or Shutt
8. Pvt. Wm. Vinkleharker or Vankleharker

1. 1st Lt. John L. McConnell, slightly.
2. Cpl. Geo. D. Slack, slightly.
3. Pvt. Frederick Rikow or Rekow, badly.
4. Pvt. Robins, slightly, while serving with Co. B, 4th Artillery, Washington's battery.

Field and Staff
1. 1st Lt. & Adjt. August G. Whiteside, wounded Feb. 23, 1847.
2. Sgt.-Maj. Christian H. Ketler, wounded Feb. 23, 1847.
3. QM Sgt. Nelson S. Moore, wounded Feb. 23, 1847.

Capt. Coffey's Co. A
1. 2d Lt. Allen B. Rountree
2. Pvt. William R. Kinyon or Kenyon
3. Pvt. Wm. L. Smith

1. Capt. Elzey C. Coffey
2. Sgt. James W. Farmer
3. Cpl. Thomas M. Reed
4. Pvt. John Burnet
5. Pvt. William Bird
6. Pvt. Thomas Bird
7. Pvt. Gilbert Cooper, leg amputated.
8. Pvt. Cheek (Editor's Note: There are two men named Cheek listed on the company roll, Robert R. and James A.; it's uncertain which was wounded.)
9. Pvt. William Dempsey
10. Pvt. Wes W. Hutchins or Hutchings
11. Pvt. James T. Lee
12. Pvt. John G. Mansker
13. Pvt. Joseph Pate
14. Pvt. George W. Raney or Rainey
15. Pvt. John Robins or Robbins
16. Pvt. Andrew J. Slade
17. Pvt. Willis White

Capt. Woodward's Co. B
1. Capt. Wm. C. Woodward
2. 1st Lt. John Bartleson
3. 2d Lt. Aaron Atherton
4. 2d Lt. William Price
5. Sgt. Wm. J. Ferguson
6. Pvt. Joseph W. Emerson
7. Pvt. George W. Crippen
8. Pvt. Abner Durock
9. Pvt. John W. Kiger or Kizer

1. QM Sgt. Buckmaster
2. Sgt.-Maj. Ketter
3. Pvt. Charles Goodale or Goodall
4. *Pvt. Richard E. Scott, mortally.

Capt. Baker's Co. C
1. 1st Lt. Edward F. Fletcher
2. 2d Lt. Rodney Ferguson
3. 2d Lt. L. Robbins
4. Cpl. William Hibbs
5. Pvt. James S. Patten
6. Pvt. Amos Woodling

1. Capt. James W. Baker
2. 2d Lt. John Brown (Editor's Note: Ex. Doc. 8 gives this man's rank as Sergeant.)
3. Pvt. John M. Bryant
4. Pvt. Robert Burke
5. Pvt. Francis A. Clarage
6. Pvt. Dwyer
7. Pvt. William Easley or Early
8. *Pvt. Nicholas Feak or Feake, died April 25, 1847.
9. Pvt. Fisher
10. Pvt. James Foyles or Foills
11. Pvt. George Fletcher
12. Pvt. John M. Holland or Noland
13. Pvt. George R. Maxwell
14. Pvt. Thos. Montgomery
15. Pvt. David M. Ricketts or Ricketh
16. Pvt. Henry C. Smith
17. Pvt. Tidd
18. Pvt. Charles Van Camp

Capt. Lott's Co. E
1. 2d Lt. Timothy Kelley
2. Pvt. John Gable
3. Pvt. Thos. D. O'Connor

1. 1st Lt. John A. Prickett
2. *Pvt. Edwin Field, died March 12, 1847 at Saltillo.
3. *Pvt. William Fisher, died March 5, 1847 at Saltillo.
4. *Pvt. John Robinson, died March 1, 1847 at Saltillo.
5. Pvt. Ephraim P. Hill
6. Pvt. Michael Riley
7. Pvt. William R. Wright

Capt. Lemon's Co. G
1. Pvt. Thomas Jenkins
2. Pvt. David A. Hill
3. Pvt. Wm. S. Messinger

1. Pvt. Allen McLain
2. Pvt. Joseph Wiley

Capt. Raith's Co. H
1. Pvt. Alexander Conze
2. Pvt. Christian Crossman or Craesman
3. Pvt. George Lartz or Lortz
4. Pvt. Emanuel Schoolcraft
5. Pvt. Franz Weber

1. 2d Lt. Adolph Engelmann
2. Pvt. Charles Berdoux or Bordaux
3. Pvt. Grudges (Editor's Note: Company roster does not list a Pvt. Grudges but does list a Pvt. Charles Bridges. Perhaps Bridges is the man who was wounded.)
4. Pvt. Valentin Funk
5. Pvt. William Feldmeier or Feldemier
6. Pvt. John Gerhard
7. Pvt. Joseph Ledergerher or Ledergerber
8. Pvt. Frizt Rouneberg or Rauneberg
9. Pvt. James Talbert
10. Pvt. Conrad Traenkle or Fraenkle
11. Pvt. Hermann Uppmann or Uppman

Capt. Miller's Co. I
1. Pvt. Emanuel Bradley
2. Pvt. Goforth Clark
3. Pvt. Henry Cook
4. Pvt. John M. Davis
5. Pvt. William Hogan
6. Pvt. John Lear
7. Pvt. John McCrury

1. 1st Sgt. James C. B. Reed or Reid
2. Cpl. Samuel McMurtry or McMurty (Editor's Note: Ex. Doc. 8 gives this man's rank as Private.)
3. Pvt. Aaron H. Applegate
4. Pvt. William Dains
5. Pvt. William Fisher or Fischer
6. Pvt. Lewis Hiltman or Hiltonau
7. Pvt. Charles Hinkler or Henkler
8. Pvt. Solomon Kell
9. Pvt. Michael Mummert or Murmert
10. Pvt. John L. Strong
11. Pvt. Voluntine Werheim or Warcheim
12. *Pvt. Hiram Squires, died of wounds received Feb. 23, 1847.
13. Pvt. John M. White

Capt. Starbuck's Co. K
1. 2d Lt. James C. Steele
2. Pvt. Robert Abernathy
3. Pvt. John F. Bowen
4. Pvt. Wm. S. Jones
5. Pvt. Wm. M. Jones
6. Pvt. John B. Kimzey
7. Pvt. Robert Marlow
8. Pvt. S. C. Marlow
9. Pvt. Wm. A. Ragland
10. Pvt. John B. Wilks

1. 2d Lt. Nicodemus West
2. Pvt. Alex A. Hamilton
3. Pvt. Marion D. Hoge
4. Pvt. Uriah D. Kelley
5. Pvt. George F. or T. Montague or Mintage
6. Pvt. Richard Marlow
7. Pvt. John Ragland
8. Pvt. Nathan Ramsay or Ramsey
9. Pvt. John Robinson

1. 1st Lt. James Clark
2. 2d Lt. John A. Leonard
3. 1st Sgt. David Campbell (Editor's Note: Ex. Doc. 8 gives this man's rank as 1st Lt.)
4. Cpl. Joseph Voot or Voort
5. Cpl. Edward King
6. Pvt. Milton P. Donohue or Donahoe
7. Pvt. Michael Donovan
8. Pvt. Edward Finney or Fenney
9. Pvt. Edward Forche
10. Pvt. Emele Godguin or Godwin
11. Pvt. James Hays or Hayes
12. Pvt. Frederick Klinge
13. Pvt. Caleb Langston or Largston
14. Pvt. John McLean
1. Capt. P. Edward Connor or Conner
2. Sgt. Lewis Donop
3. Cpl. Henry J. Brandes or Brand
4. Pvt. Bruno (Editor's Note: No one by this name is listed on the roster for this company.)
5. Pvt. Herman Fredeking
6. *Pvt. Henry Gellerman or Gilleman, mortally.
7. Pvt. Henry Lurheg or Larig
8. Pvt. Miller (Editor's Note: Company roster lists a Cpl. Theordore Miller and a Pvt. William Muller. It's uncertain which was wounded)
9. Pvt. Smith (Editor's Note: Company roster lists only a Pvt. Julius Smith, who deserted several months before the battle.)
10. Pvt. Treackind (Editor's Note: No one by this name is listed on the muster roll for this company.)

Pvt. William H. Anderson, age 44 (wounded Feb. 23, 1847)

Capt. Sanderson's Co. A
1. Pvt. Francis Baily
2. Pvt. Charles H. Goff
3. Pvt. Warren Robinson
4. Pvt. Apollos J. Stevens

1. Capt. Wm. L. Sanderson, slightly.
2. 1st Lt. Stuart W. Cayce, slightly.
3. 2d Lt. Henry Pennington, slightly.

Capt. Kinder's Co. B
1. Capt. Frustin B. Kinder
2. Pvt. John T. Hardin
3. Pvt. Joseph Laffety
4. Pvt. Arthur Massey
5. Pvt. David McDonald
6. Pvt. John Schultz

1. 2d Lt. D. S. Lewis, slightly.
2. Cpl. Eli McDonald, badly.

1. Pvt. John Brown
2. *Pvt. Joseph H. Harrison (Editor's Note: Company roster shows this man died Feb. 23, 1847.)

Capt. Osborn's Co. C.
1. Capt. John Osborne or Osborn, slightly.
2. 2d Lt. Joshua Moore, slightly.

Capt. Dennis's Co. D
1. 2d Lt. Thomas C. Parr
2. Pvt. Michael Lee
3. Pvt. William Richardson
4. Pvt. James H. Slayden

1. Sgt. A. H. Potts, slightly. (Editor's Note: No Sgt. Potts is listed on company roster, but it does list a Sgt. Andrew Ratts, probably the man who was wounded.)
2. Cpl. Dewitt C. Thomas, badly.
3. Musician Alexandrew M. Woods, slightly.

1. Pvt. William Spalding

Capt. Rousseau's Co. E
1. Sgt. McHenry Dosier
2. Pvt. William Aiken
3. Pvt. John G. B. Dillon

Capt. Davis's Co. F
1. Pvt. Harvey Matthews
2. Pvt. Harrison Wilson
3. Pvt. Ulysses W. Irwin

1. Sgt. Isaac Carothers or Caruthers, slightly.
2. Sgt. Virgil Vestal, slightly.
3. Cpl. John Bishop, slightly.
4. Cpl. A. B. Carlton or Carlston, slightly.
5. Cpl. N. B. or W. B. Stephens, slightly.
6. Pvt. Thomas Goens or Goen, slightly.

Capt. Kimball's Co. G
1. Sgt. Philander D. Kelso or Kelse, slightly.
2. Sgt. Elhahan Blalock, badly.
3. Cpl. Thomas Rawlings or Rawlins, slightly.
4. Pvt. Henry Mullrany or Mulvany, slightly.
5. Pvt. Mathew Queen, slightly.
6. Pvt. James McMillen or McMilton, Jr., slightly.

Capt. Brigg's Co. H
1. Pvt. Meeshack Draper
2. Pvt. Richard Jenkins
3. Pvt. Thomas Price

1. 1st Lt. Justus Davis, slightly.
2. Cpl. Harry Wilson, severely.
3. Pvt. Wylie Adams, severely.
4. Pvt. Willis Benefiel or Benefrel, severely.
5. Pvt. Robert Calvert or Colbert, severely.
6. Pvt. Volney E. Swain, severely.
7. Pvt. Joseph Engle or Ingle, slightly.
8. Pvt. Alfred Smith, slightly.
9. Pvt. William Davis Weir or Wier, slightly.

Capt. McRae's Co. I
Cpl. John Tager or Yeager
Pvt. William W. Campbell
Pvt. Reuben Harritt

1. Pvt. Noah Rumley, badly.

1. Pvt. Burel J. Hubbard

Capt. Walker's Co. K
1. Capt. William Walker
2. Pvt. Alfred Williams
3. Pvt. Obadiah Lansbury
4. Pvt. J. C. Higginbotham
5. Pvt. Giles Chapman
6. Pvt. V. Seasely or Teasley
7. Pvt. Edmund Wyatt
8. Pvt. Thomas Smith

1. 2d Lt. Jerome A. Epperson or Eperson, slightly.
2. Pvt. Alanson C. Farris, badly.
3. Pvt. George W. Knight or McKnight, slightly.
4. Pvt. Gordon Wilhoit or Wilhart, slightly.

1. Maj. Willis A. Gorman, slightly.

Capt. Sluss's Co. A
1. Pvt. William B. Holland
2. Pvt. James Buskirk
3. Pvt. David J. Stout

1. Capt. John M. Sluss or Sleep, slightly.
2. Cpl. Robert K. Nelson, slightly.
3. Pvt. Isaac S. Leabo or Lebo, severely.
4. Pvt. W. G. or M. G. Applegate, slightly.
5. Pvt. James I. or Y. Davis, slightly.
6. Pvt. Joseph W. Pullen or Pullim, slightly.
7. Pvt. John Knight, slightly.

Capt. William's Company B
1. Cpl. John Gingrich, slightly.
2. Pvt. James Faulkner, dangerously.
3. Pvt. Hugh L. Huids or Hinds, Jr., slightly.
4. Pvt. Henry C. Hoyt, slightly.
5. Pvt. Daniel Conroy, slightly.
6. Pvt. Thomas H. Bowen, slightly.

Capt. Allen's Co. C
1. Pvt. John Armstrong

1. Pvt. J. Voight, dangerously. (Editor's Note: Company roster does not list a man by this name but does list a Pvt. Christian Voght, who was discharged on March 20, 1847.)
2. Pvt. Peter Lane or Lain, slightly.
3. Pvt. M. Cole, slightly. (Editor's Note: Company roster lists only a Pvt. Pleasant Cole.)
4. Pvt. Frederick Aubke, slightly.
5. Pvt. Ambros Armstrong, slightly. (Editor's Note: Company roster gives this man's rank as Corporal.)
6. Pvt. James Orchard, slightly.
7. Pvt. Greenville Miller, slightly.

Capt. Carter's Co. D
1. Pvt. Wilson Houston or Hueston

1. Cpl. Robert Torrence, slightly. (Editor's Note: Company roster gives this man's rank as Private.)
2. Pvt. Thomas Gustin, severely.
3. Pvt. Jeremiah Hinkle, slightly.
4. Pvt. John Rochat, slightly.
5. Pvt. Ebinger Bright, slightly. (Editor's Note: Company roster gives this man's rank as Corporal.)
6. Pvt. Allen Merril or Merrill, slightly.

Capt. Taggart's Co. E
1. Capt. James Taggart

1. Cpl. Elias Weddel, severely.
2. Pvt. James Brown, severely.
3. Pvt. Mathew Mathis, severely.
4. Pvt. Stephen Fread or Fred, slightly.
5. Pvt. Joseph G. Arter, slightly.
6. Pvt. Squire Steward or Stuart, slightly.

Capt. Boardman's Co. F
1. Pvt. William C. Good or Goode
2. Pvt. Daniel Owens

1. Cpl. John C. Burton, seriously.
2. Pvt. Orville Dyer, slightly.
3. Pvt. James Inskeep or Inskipp, slightly.
4. Pvt. Daniel Hunter, slightly.
5. Pvt. David Conghenower or Coughenower, slightly.
6. Pvt. Henry C. Ryker or Riker, slightly.
7. Pvt. Josiah S. Wilson, slightly. (Editor's Note: Company roster gives this man's rank as Corporal.)

Capt. Sullivan's Co. G
1. Pvt. John A. Graham

1. Pvt. John Meek, seriously.
2. Pvt. Eli N. Mace, slightly.
3. Pvt. Joseph Patterson, slightly.
4. Pvt. Andrew J. Cain, slightly.

Capt. Conover's Co. H
1. Capt. Voorhees Conover, slightly.
2. Pvt. Robert Benson, severely.
3. Pvt. John Kelley, severely.

Capt. Gibson's Co. I
1. *Sgt. William Coombe or Coombes, mortally.
2. Pvt. Martin A. Conaway or Conoway, slightly.

Capt. Dunn's Co. K
1. Sgt. Robert McGarvey, severely.
2. Sgt. Solomon P. Tuney or Turney, slightly.
3. Pvt. Jabez Heeley or Hewey, seriously.
4. Pvt. Francis M. Gray, slightly.
5. Pvt. Simeon Bradley, severely.
6. Pvt. Solomon Lafollet, severely.
7. Pvt. Y. Foster, slightly. (Editor's Note: Company roster lists only a James Foster, probably the man who was wounded.)

Field and Staff
1. Col. Jefferson Davis, wounded in right ankle.

Capt. Sharp's Co. A
1. Sgt. William Ingraham
2. Pvt. Cornelius O'Sullivan

1. Capt. Joseph or John M. Sharp, severely.
2. 1st Lt. A. B. Corwin or Corwine, slightly.
3. Sgt. David M. Hollingsworth, slightly.
4. Pvt. George Brook, dangerously.
5. Pvt. Henry D. Clark, dangerously.
6. Pvt. Robert L. Shook, severely.
7. Pvt. William H. Stubblefield, severely.
8. Pvt. Stephen P. Stubblefield, slightly.

Capt. Cooper's Co. B
1. Pvt. Seaborn Jones
2. Pvt. Thomas H. Tilley
3. Pvt. B. Louis Turberville
4. Pvt. William H. Wilkinson

1. 1st Lt. Carnot Posey, slightly.
2. Pvt. James W. Donnelly, slightly.
3. Pvt. George H. Jones, severely.
4. Pvt. James M. Miller, severely.
5. Pvt. Solomon Newman, severely.
6. Pvt. William A. Lawrence, slightly.

Lt. Cook's Co. C
1. Pvt. William Couch
2. Pvt. D. H. Eggleston
3. Pvt. James Johnson
4. Pvt. John Preston

1. Sgt. William Henry Scott, slightly.
2. Cpl. J. N. Collier, slightly.
3. Cpl. Howard Morris, severely.
4. Cpl. J. A. McLaughlin, slightly.
5. Pvt. John M. Barnes, slightly.
6. Pvt. James W. Conn, severely. (Editor's Note: Ex. Doc. 8 gives this man's name as J. M. Crown.)
7. Pvt. Levi H. Stevens, slightly.
8. Pvt. Samuel C. Suit, slightly. (Editor's Note: Ex. Doc. 8 gives this man's rank as Corporal.)

Lt. Fletcher's Co. E
1. Sgt. William W. Phillips
2. Sgt. Joseph H. Langford
3. Cpl. James M. Robinsion
4. Cpl. Joseph C. Revill or Reville
5. Pvt. Robert A. Joyce
6. Pvt. William Sellers

1. Pvt. Richard Clariday or Claridy, severely.
2. Pvt. Robert Fox, severely.
3. Pvt. John Kennedy, slightly.
4. Pvt. Isham C. Laird, slightly.
5. Pvt. Anthony B. Puckett, severely. (Editor's Note: Company roster gives this man's rank as Corporal.)
6. Pvt. James Waugh, severely.

Capt. Dellay's Co. F
1. Sgt. B. Higany or Hagany
2. Cpl. James H. Blakely
3. Cpl. D. L. Butler
4. Pvt. P. Dunivant or Durivant
5. Pvt. Stephen Jones
6. Pvt. Enos Garrett or Garrott

1. 2d Lt. John P. Stockard, slightly.
2. Pvt. James N. Bigby, Bigbee, or Bigley, dangerously, left arm amputated.
3. Pvt. Thomas Coatney or Courtney, severely wounded in left arm.
4. Pvt. J. F. or F. J. Malone, slightly. (Editor's Note: Company roster gives this man's rank as 2d Lt.)
5. Pvt. Joseph W. Morris, severely wounded in left wrist.
6. *Pvt. J. L. or T. L. Simpson, severely wounded in left leg, died April 13, 1847.

Capt. Downing's Co. G
1. 2d Lt. Francis McNulty
2. Cpl. J. M. Alexander
3. Pvt. James H. Graves
4. Pvt. Joseph E. Bond
5. Pvt. Louis A. Cooper
6. Pvt. William M. Seay
7. Pvt. Robert Felts
8. Pvt. Richard E. Parr

1. 3d Cpl. George W. Harrison, slightly wounded in right shoulder and neck.
2. Cpl. Peter Sinclair, slightly. (Editor's Note: Company roster gives this man's rank as Sergeant.)
3. Pvt. Asa B. Atkinson, wounded in left thigh. (Editor's Note: Ex. Doc. 8 gives this man's rank as Corporal.)
4. Pvt. Philip Burnett or Burnit, wounded in left elbow and hand.
5. Pvt. Benjamin F. Edwards, severely wounded on right thigh.
6. Pvt. C. W. or Charles H. Gibbs, slightly.
7. Pvt. Job Hammond, slightly wounded in left leg.
8. Pvt. Andrew J. Neely, slightly.
9. Pvt. Jesse Odoms, slightly wounded in left hip.
10. Pvt. Thadeus W. Saunders, slightly grazed in the throat.
11. Pvt. J. Thompson, slightly. (Editor's Note: Company roster lists only a Corporal Jos. H. Thompson, probably the man who was wounded.)

Lt. Moore's Co. H
1. 1st Lt. Robert L. Moore
2. Pvt. William D. Harrison
3. Pvt. Patrick Reardon
4. Pvt. John J. Locke

1. Sgt. Albert M. Newman, slightly.
2. Cpl. Henry H. Lauell, Lanell, or Lamb, severely.
3. *Pvt. Thomas White, dangerously, died of wounds received Feb. 23, 1847.
4. Pvt. William Wirrans, slightly.
5. Pvt. Stephen D. Carson, slightly.
6. Pvt. Samuel M. Edwards, severely.
7. Pvt. John Dart, slightly.
8. Pvt. William H. McKinny, slightly.

Capt. Taylor's Co. I
1. Sgt. Garland Anderson
2. Pvt. Henry G. Trotter
3. Pvt. John L. Branch
4. Pvt. John Pease or Peace
5. Pvt. Addison Collingsworth
6. Pvt. J. W. Vinson

1. Sgt. Plummer M. Martin, severely.
2. Pvt. Thadeus O. McClanahan or McLanahan, slightly.
3. Pvt. Thadeus D. Randolph, severely.
4. Pvt. John Hedspeth or Hedgepeth, dangerously.
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