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Name and Rank of Soldiers Who Died
While Serving at Corpus Christi, Texas 1845-1846

For more details about each soldier, and a list of sources, you may download an MS Excel file.

Name Rank
Allen, William T. 2nd Lt.
Bullock, Archibald Private
Butcher, Joseph Sergeant
Byars, Samuel Private
Callahan, Lawrence Private
Camp, David R. Private
Cashman, James Private
Chambers Corporal
Clark, John Private
Coe, Robert Private
Cook, Augustus 2nd Lt.
Dempsey, Jeremiah Musician
Druves, Jacob Private
Edgar, James T. Private
Eisenberger, John Private
Ford, John Corporal
Forrest, Elza B. Corporal
Forrey, William Corporal
Fowler, Daniel H. Private
Foy, Patrick Private
Fraser, William Private
Galloway, Robert Private
Garey, William Private
Gettner, George Private
Goodhand, James Private
Graham, William Private
Handy, James O. 2nd Lt.
Hearty, Ardel Private
Hellan, Francis Private
Henerman, Henry Private
Herbert, Reuben Private
Higgins, Daniel Private
Hoffman, William Lt. Col.
Hogan, Hugh Private
Hughs, Peter Private
Humphries, Alfred Corporal
Jeffries, William Private
Kaisen, Loudwig Private
Kelly, Edward Private
Kelly, Joseph Private
Kennedy, Thomas Private
Lewars, John Private
Lugenbuhl, John Private
Marcellis, John F. Private
Martin, John Private
McCall, Edward Sergeant
McLowlen, John Private
Merrill, Henry 2nd Lt.
Messersmith, Henry Private
Miller, David Private
Miller, John F. Private
Mills, William W. Private
Monghan, John Private
Murphy, Patrick Private
Murphy, Robert Private
Pugh, John M. Private
Reifstack, Andrew Private
Richardson, John F.B. Private
Riddle, James Sergeant
Sanders, Michael Private
Staton, Elijiah W. Private
Stewart, Robert Private
Van Allmen, Gutlieb Private
Wade, William W. Private
Warner, Ulysses W. Sergeant
West Captain
Wilson, Joseph Private
Young, Camile Private

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